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How do you take Valuable and make it Priceless?  That is our quest at Horizon Meetings. And that is why our associates come with many years of proactive and strategic problem solving strengths that make them shine in the industry. Add in the passion that is required to take it to that next level and you get the idea.  One way to find out about Horizon is to ask our Clients. Another way is to experience it yourself. Contact one of our Team and see what makes Horizon different.

-Tom Guyton, Chief Executive Officer


Why Horizon

Horizon’s solid foundation of innovative solutions and business ethics has been built by client referrals. The relationships we have and the results we achieve often leave our clients wondering, “Why didn’t I try this sooner?”

Hesitations? We have compiled a list of common concerns for you to review. The questions you may have are undoubtedly very similar to the ones that our clients had before they gave Horizon a try.


That’s what I’m paid to do – why would we hire you?

"Horizon Meetings, with their strong reputation as representatives for the many diverse groups that they service, are always able to negotiate the best deals in respect to rates and concessions as well as amenities. With the performance history that Horizon possesses, I do not have to worry about each step along the way. The best thing about utilizing their help is that I still have "the final word" in any negotiation; I just don't have to deal with inevitable back and forth that is involved in this process to get to the final result. This is a huge time saver for me!
Another extra value that I receive, besides the time I save, is that I know what other venues are interested and able to bid on my business, too, which gives me peace of mind that a comprehensive and fair contract has been created.  Our upper management completely supports using Horizon; they see their on site participation on behalf of our company and understand how it helps the staff be more efficient and able to focus on our programs, attendees and speakers.  I wish I had known about Horizon ten years ago!”
Carolyn Box
Director of Events and Schools
Professional Development Department
Texas Bankers Association


This sounds too good to be true – it doesn't cost anything?

“As a Hotel Company, we strive for rate parity and do not raise rates when working with a third party agency, we are absolutely focused on the overall success of the event being contracted.” 
Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Worldwide Sales

How flexible are the services, do they have a model that fits our Organization?

"Horizon Meetings continues to prove its value at every meeting we have.  They take care of the minutiae of meeting management that drives me crazy, and that allows me the time and space to concentrate on putting on a superior meeting for our members.  I'm still in charge, it's just a matter of adding highly competent, professional staff for just the services and times I need them."
Paul F. Davis, R.Ph


I’m the decision maker and I don’t want anyone getting in the way of that.

"We have worked with Horizon Meetings for many years.  They consistently support our professional meeting planning staff with quality data and knowledge so that we can make the best decisions for our association.  We run our meetings and remain the final decision makers on all issues, but Horizon has proved to be a valuable strategic partner.  Horizon Meetings retains top legal talent and takes very good care to watch our back during negotiations and issues that happen over the entire one to two year life of a meeting.  When our meetings are actually in progress they often show up at our conferences to act as an advocate for us with the hotel.  Many problems are solved before they ever become apparent, but when problems do show up Horizon reacts quickly to resolve them."
Frank Wolfe, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals


Why use Horizon when I can leverage the buying power with a national sourcing company?

“Negotiating a hotel contract is often a short-sided prospect with larger sourcing companies that have a “quick turn” attitude due to the commission-based salary mindset."
"NFP has had tremendous success in large part because of the strategic partnership with Horizon Meetings. Horizon negotiates a number of city-wide association meetings delivering scale that parallels any site sourcing company. Personally, the true differentiating factor with using Horizon Meetings versus a nationalized sourcing company is Horizon’s employees, personal service and passion."
"Rick Bissonett, NFP’s designated Account Executive, has been an extension of our meeting planning team from the beginning. Rick has a tremendously professional work ethic and is respected within the industry. He puts as much energy into negotiating NFP’s large/multi-year hotel contracts as he does cultivating our account including communicating key contract deadlines, industry trends, coordinating key hotel site visits and many other “intangible” value adds."
"Horizon Meetings has saved us many headaches over the years because of their personal attention, industry respect, keen contract clauses and ongoing integration of meeting trends. We are very appreciative of the continued partnership as well as, not to mention Horizon’s talent for always making the meeting planning team look stellar in front of executive management!”
Todd Zint, CMP, CMM
VP, Meetings & Event Marketing
National Financial Partners (NFP)
Austin, Texas


Won't using your services make my rate higher?

“Fairmont Hotels do not quote rates differently for third parties. We see Horizon as a small Agency with big Relationships that get things done!”
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Global Sales
"As a Global Account Manager of a major hotel brand, I have partnered with Horizon Meetings for several years, working in tandem with Tom Guyton, Rick Bissonett and Margaret Maggio, to find the perfect hotel venue for their customers.
Horizon Meetings always has their customers' best interests in the forefront of their negotiations and partnership with both National Sales and individual properties. Every person I work with at Horizon Meetings is knowledgable, experienced, proactive, and very professional. It truly is a pleasure working with such a focused, experienced team of managers and directors.
Horizon Meetings takes personal and professional accountability in all of their customer and hotel interactions, from the moment they begin working with a customer, until the group's event has taken place. They will also work with the hotels in the unfortunate instance that a program has to cancel or change dates, making every effort to assist both the customer and the hotel to minimize any financial hardships.

I am fortunate to have such a great partnership with the Horizon Meetings team!"

Global Account Manager
Further questions? 
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