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Site Management

Site Management is the ultimate tool for streamlining your Meeting Planning needs. We achieve this by creating a partnership that is customized specifically for you and your organizations needs. You are always in control and make all final decisions. You receive all of the perks and then some. Horizon is your meeting consultant. We help you enhance what you already have and take on the tasks that can be extremely time consuming and frustrating.

Our partnership does not replace a Meeting Planner. Your Horizon Account Manager is truly an extension of your department. Our extensive suite of services will have no impact to your bottom line. Horizon intensely researches possible destinations and venues to produce the best outcomes for your events. We have 15 years of experience building relationships and strategic partnerships with cities of North America, Hotel Brands of the world, and National offices to ensure you receive the best value and protection if trouble arises.

How much does it cost? It doesn't!  There are no contracts, no invoices. We have excellent relationships with the Hotel National/Regional offices allowing us to create successful solutions for all of your meeting and convention needs. Our goal is to connect your group with the perfect venue and produce an event that is a true partnership. As your Agent of Record, Horizon is compensated by the venue directly.

When you decide to work with Horizon, you will receive complete Site Management. Our one of a kind site services will save you time and allow you to focus on your events goals and objectives!

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