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Speaker Coordination Services

Call for Papers:

  • Developing and distributing an invitation to submit topic ideas for the conference program.  (This document will outline the instructions for the submission of papers for assessment and selection by the review committee)

Speaker Confirmation:

  • Contacting speakers as requested by conference committee/staff
  • Sending confirmation letters to each speaker (Horizon does not offer speaker identification or selections)

Speaker Presentation Collection and Distribution:

  • Presenting speakers with instructions regarding the specific expectations of the event, the format for presentation submissions, audio visual request procedures, deadlines for submission and notification process
  • Collecting presentations then sending them to conference committee/staff for review and approval
  • Notifying approved speakers and communicating the date, time and location of their presentation

Speaker Maintenance:

  • Maintaining speaker schedule and communicating changes to all parties

Audio Visual Management:

  • Coordinating audio visual requests from speakers
  • Coordinating with audio visual vendor to order requested equipment

Onsite Speaker Management:

  • Confirming arrival of all speakers and managing last minute requests

Speaker Hotel Arrangements:

  • Making hotel arrangements for speakers

Handout Distribution:

  • Offering web-based, CD, or Paper-based handouts

Session Moderator Management:

  • Communicating the moderator instructions to the session moderator and being their main point of contact

Speaker Evaluation:

  • Developing and distributing a questionnaire for attendees feedback regarding each speaker presentation based on the goals and objectives of the session (may be done electronically or in print format