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Exhibit & Sponsor Coordination Sales and Service

Exhibits and Sponsorships are a large part of any event's bottom line. Explore how Horizon can help accomplish your goals!

Contact Exhibitors:

  • Contacting exhibitors utilizing client’s current prospect list
  • Actively selling exhibit space with an agreed upon sales goal

Exhibit/Sponsorship Marketing Piece:

  • Developing, designing and producing Exhibit/Sponsor marketing piece including coordination of exhibit hall layout

Confirm Exhibitors and Provide Service Kits:

  • Sending confirmation letters and appropriate information to exhibitors

Review all Exhibitor Contracts:

  • Reviewing contracts as they come in for completion of data required
  • Assuring that organizations exhibiting rules are met
  • Reviewing booth choices provided

Coordinate Booth Assignments:

  • Coordinating with conference committee/staff on assignment of booth spaces

Coordinate Exhibit Hall Set-up with Service Contractors:

  • Coordinating with service contractors to ensure exhibit hall is set up according to floor plan

Submit Exhibit Hall to Fire Marshal:

  • Coordinating with service contractors to develop floor plan and to obtain Fire Marshal approval
  • Providing a copy of approved plan to facility

Bill Outstanding Exhibitors:

  • Contacting and sending out invoices for balance dues on exhibits for 60 days after conference
  • Turning over accounts to the organization at the end of 60 days.

Signage List to Service Contractor:

  • Ordering all signage and being onsite to ensure proper placement (conference committee/staff will provide Horizon with list of special sign requests)

Pre-conference Preparation of Exhibitor Packets:

  • Producing the contents of the exhibitor packets (badge reply forms, ad sales information, and sponsorship information for distribution to confirmed exhibitors)

Coordinate Return of Exhibitor Forms/Pre-sales:

Working with conference committee/staff to ensure timely return of exhibitor forms, including:

  • Developing and Producing Exhibitor Evaluation - Horizon will produce and distribute an exhibitor questionnaire. This may be done electronically or in print format. A summary of responses will be shared with client
  • Providing Onsite Exhibit Hall Management - An on-site floor manager to be provided by Horizon for the duration of the exposition
  • Providing List of Attendees to Exhibitors - Horizon will prepare and distribute a list of attendees to exhibitors. The list will be given out according to the client's preference. Pre and/or post conference, to all exhibitors or just sponsors.
  • Reviewing General Service Contractor Charges - Horizon will review service contractor invoice for accuracy.