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Event Marketing

Event Branding:

  • Developing creative marketing tools that will define your company's mission, message, and image

Production & Mailing of Registration Piece:

  • Coordinating with conference committee/staff the production and mailing of registration brochure

Exhibit/Sponsorship Marketing Piece:

  • Developing, designing and producing Exhibit/Sponsor marketing piece including coordination of exhibit hall layout

Electronic Marketing:

  • Coordinating with conference committee/staff in the production and distribution of marketing piece (for registration, exhibit sales etc,) which is developed and distributed via email or by using bulk email marketing software

Layout Onsite Packet/Prep Materials for Attendees:

  • Coordinating with conference committee/staff a list of items to be included in Onsite Packets
  • Organizing materials and preparing packets


  • Producing signs based on conference schedule

Assist in Coordination of Onsite Program:

  • Assisting conference committee/staff with production of official program